Cotton Sports Mastectomy Bra

cotton sports mastectomy bras

Getting back into sports and activities after a mastectomy is a great way to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. At, we understand the challenges of finding the right post-mastectomy sports bra, which is why we stock a wide range of cotton sports mastectomy bras for every woman’s needs.

Why should you invest in a sports bra?

Finding a post-mastectomy sports bra is about more than just comfort. Sports bras are essential for preventing damage to sensitive tissues while working out or engaging in sporting activities.

Sports bras are vital for long-term breast tissue health. They help to prevent irreversible damage to breast tissue that results from a lack of support. A well-fitting sports bra should feel tighter than a standard bra, but not so tight that you are unable to breathe comfortably.

Post-mastectomy sports bras are designed to support both natural breast tissue and breast forms, depending on your unique needs. They also feature wider straps, underwire-free design, and support bands that allow for discrete support for any activity.

Why a cotton mastectomy bra ideal for sports?

Cotton is an ideal choice for sports bras because of its many beneficial properties.

Cotton absorbs sweat and moisture from the skin, which reduces chafing for high-movement activities. Cotton is also a highly-breathable material, which means that it reduces sweating.

Another often overlooked benefit of cotton is that it is an environmentally friendly option. In comparison with synthetic materials that are produced from non-renewable sources, such as petroleum, cotton is renewable, sustainable, and biodegradable.

Which cotton mastectomy sports bras are available online?


At, we offer a full range of well-designed cotton sports mastectomy bras, including the Jodee 507 Mastectomy Sports Bra.

The Jodee sports bra utilizes Cool Max® polyester pockets to draw moisture away from your body. The cotton and polyester blend ensures a flexible and comfortable fit that is available in sizes 34-44 A/B/C/D. It also features adjustable straps for reduced shoulder stress and a sleek and flattering design.

You have almost endless choices of post-mastectomy lines of breast forms, bras, clothing, and accessories at, contact us today.