Buy Post Mastectomy Sports Bras


Undergoing a mastectomy does not mean you stop enjoying the sports and activities you love.

At, we offer a full range of post-mastectomy sports bras that ensure you can pursue your active lifestyle comfortably and confidently, whether it is a vigorous gym routine or going for a leisurely walk.

Breathable fabric

Our post-mastectomy sports bras are constructed from soft, breathable material. The specially designed fabrics are moisture wicking to keep you cool and dry throughout the day.

The cups and straps for post-mastectomy sports bras are constructed from low-elasticity material to minimize movement during vigorous activity and keep breast forms in place.

Interior pockets

Post-mastectomy sports bras are specifically designed with bilateral interior pockets to hold your breast prosthesis. They are constructed from moisture-wicking fabric for increased comfort during your workout.

The pockets hold breast forms securely in place to prevent shifting or slippage during exercise. They are also customizable and can be used individually or not at all, depending on your specific reconstruction.

Wide adjustable straps

Our post-mastectomy sports bras feature wide adjustable straps to evenly distribute weight and eliminate stress on the shoulders while also allowing for flexibility and movement during your workout.

The adjustable straps also provide you with a custom fit and help to keep breast forms securely in place even during vigorous exercise.

Wide bands


Extra wide back and under bust bands give you support and comfort and sit smoothly against the skin for a snugger fit. The flat seams reduce irritation and the wide bands also offer coverage for surgical scars.

A full range of sizes and styles

At, all our post-mastectomy sports bras are available in a variety of sizes and styles to suit every woman. Cup sizes range from AA through to DD, and band sizes range from 32 to 42.

For quality post-mastectomy breast forms, bras, swimsuits, and more call us today.