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What is a Post Surgical Drain Belt?

A drain belt is an affordable solution for post op drain management during surgery recovery. Major surgeries that usually require post op drains include:

  • mastectomy
  • lumpectomy
  • breast reconstruction
  • breast reduction
  • breast implant removal 
  • tummy tuck
  • liposuction
  • Brazilian butt lift
  • open heart surgery
  • organ transplant

The Post Surgical Drain Belt is a unisex, one size fits most, elastic belt that can be worn under clothing to hold post op drains during surgery recovery. The belt can also be worn in the shower, if you’re cleared to bathe during surgery recovery, giving you the option to shower independently.

Features of The Post Surgical Drain Belt

  • Two pockets for drains (holds 4 drain bulbs total)
  • Each pocket fits two (2) post-operative drains
  • Adjustable elastic strap provides maximum comfort and fit
  • Moisture wicking fabric designed for use while showering
  • Machine-washable
  • One size fits most
  • Unisex

More About the JP Drain Belt:

  • The belt pocket fabric is wicking, and quick drying so you can use it under your clothing following a shower
  • The fabric is soft, but sturdy enough to hold the weight of the fluid in your post op drains
  • The fabric is comfortable against the skin and is designed to allow soap & water to easily pass through
  • Easy to open and close, the clasp is a corrosion-resistant plastic clip that stays strong for long term use
  • Adjustable size range and compatible design allow for use across the chest, abdomen, waist, knees or legs
  • The elastic band is adjustable and should fit most sizes, but if needed, it can be combined with a second belt should you need additional width and/or pockets
  • The pockets can slide off and on so you can have additional pockets if needed (extra pockets and additional belts sold separately) 

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