BROBE Pocketed Pillow & Gel Pack


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Why use The Pocketed Pillow & Gel Pack?

The Brobe™ Pocketed Pillow serves as a barrier to protect surgical wounds after any major surgery. The pillow includes a hot/cold gel pack that can be frozen or microwaved and placed in the pocket of the pillow. It is an excellent product to ease pain and shield/cushion your incisions from external pressure/contact. 

How do you use The Pocketed Pillow & Gel Pack?

Specific uses include:

  • Heat or cool gel pack, insert into pillow, and incision sites to ease pain after surgery.
  • Place as a barrier between your incision(s) and arms while sitting.
  • Place as barrier between your incisions and seatbelt while driving.
  • Use as a cushion for breast, back, or buttocks support after breast surgery or BBL.


  • Pocket holds hot/cold gel pack (1 gel pack is included)
  • Extra soft for gentle comfort
  • Gel packs can be used cold from the freezer or warm from the microwave
  • Size: 12” x 17"
  • Care: Wash on gentle cycle, reform pillow and lay flat to dry

Whether you’re recovering from a mastectomy, cosmetic surgery, open heart surgery, shoulder surgery, explant surgery, a mommy makeover, etc the pillow is a helpful item to keep on hand for a more comfortable surgery recovery

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