Breast & Chest Buddy Seat Belt Cushion

Breast & Chest Buddy

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The Breast & Chest Buddy™ is a unique, patented seatbelt cocoon to better cushion delicate mastectomy and breast reconstruction sites.  No mastectomy patient should leave the hospital or breast center without the Breast & Chest Buddy™ in place.   

Designed to make the post-surgical ride home, and every ride thereafter, a more comfortable and safer experience. Portable, washable, and designed for bilateral use.

100% American made!

This helps reduce discomfort and inflammation, keeping you both safe and comfortable when you need it most. Never sacrifice your safety in the car because of an uncomfortable seatbelt. With The Breast & Chest Buddy Seatbelt Cushion you can get comfortable support the make your rides safer and more enjoyable, even when travelling to and from the doctor. The Breast & Chest Buddy works on all kinds of seatbelts in every single car. It can be used on left or right seatbelts, or even lap belts. No matter where you're experiencing the discomfort, The Breast & Chest Buddy is designed for your relief. Simply detach the hook and loop, put around the seatbelt in desired area, and reattach for a relaxed ride. You'll be amazed at the cushioning inside The Breast & Chest Buddy. It is super soft, flexible, and shock absorbing. Even when you're going over speed bumps, The Breast & Chest Buddy protects you. It is enclosed in an ultra-soft fabric so if feels amazing on the skin, unlike the irritation of a rubbing seatbelt. Sit comfortably, no matter how long the trip. Package contains (1) The Breast & Chest Buddy Seatbelt Cushion. Machine washable. Remove foam and close prior to washing. Wash on gentle cycle, dry low or air dry. Made in the USA.


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