Types of Breast Prosthesis

Oct 27th, 2023

Before undergoing a mastectomy, your doctor likely talked with you about your preferences for your post-surgery appearance, including options for breast reconstruction or choosing to maintain a flat chest wall.

Among women undergoing breast cancer surgery, only about 25% to 50% choose to have breast reconstruction. The primary reason cited by most for not pursuing additional surgery is the desire for a quicker recovery.

After breast surgery, many women experience a period of emotional adjustment. Using breast forms to regain your curves can provide the support you need. Knowing the different types of breast prostheses available can assist you in choosing one that meets your needs, helping you regain bodily symmetry and a positive self-image.

Breast Prosthesis

Types of Breast Prosthesis

When choosing your prosthesis, consider its weight, shape, and material; these factors can affect how natural it feels and looks. Think about your daily activities, the clothes you wear, and even your climate. This ensures that your choice is suitable for your body and lifestyle, providing empowerment and support in your life after surgery. Types of breast prosthesis to consider include:

Temporary Breast Prosthesis

Temporary breast prostheses are a soft, lightweight form that can be used immediately after a mastectomy or during recovery. Typically made from materials like foam or fiberfill, they offer a gentle shape-enhancing solution that can be worn with a post-surgery bra. Temporary breast forms allow you to adjust gradually to your new body without the full weight of a permanent prosthesis.

Temporary breast prostheses

ABC’s Post-Surgical Puff offers a seamless, soft way to restore balance after breast surgery. Its standard triangle shape ensures full coverage, while the no-seam fabric cover provides unmatched comfort. A foam front and customizable fiber fill adjust to your unique shape, making it perfect for those undergoing reconstruction, a partial mastectomy, or seeking enhancement.

Foam and Fiberfill Breast Prosthesis

Foam and fiber-filled breast prostheses are post-mastectomy inserts made from lightweight materials. They offer a slightly more durable and structured shape than temporary prostheses or puff while still providing shape and symmetry without the weight of silicone prostheses.

This type of breast prosthesis is highly breathable and soft for better comfort following surgery. They’re also less expensive than their silicone counterparts and can be comforting when the chest area is often tender during the healing process.

However, foam and fiberfill prostheses may lack the realistic feel and movement of silicone prostheses and may be less durable over time, requiring more frequent replacement. They also might not provide the same level of detail, like nipple outlines or skin-like textures, that some silicone options offer.

ABC Memory Foam Breast Form

The ABC Memory Foam Breast Form is ideal if you need a simple, lightweight breast prosthesis for everyday wear. It is designed to contour your body and offers a personalized fit with its innovative memory foam. Perfect for gentle activity, relaxation, or sleep, this form has a seamless nylon finish that is non-irritating to surgical scars and tender scar tissue.

Silicone Breast Prosthesis

A silicone breast prosthesis closely resembles breast tissue's natural weight and feel, offering an authentic, balanced silhouette after a mastectomy.

These realistic prostheses come in shades to match your skin tone and are shaped to look natural under your favorite outfits. This can play a big part in your recovery, self-confidence, and how you see yourself post-surgery. Silicone prostheses are also highly durable and easy to maintain, making them a must-have for your post-mastectomy wardrobe.

Silicone prostheses offer a range of options to meet various post-surgery needs, including:

Anita TriVaria Full Silicone Breast Form

  • Symmetrical. This option is ideal for women who have had bilateral surgeries and is designed to fit either the left or right side.
    The Anita TriVaria Full Silicone Breast Form offers a natural look and feel with its soft silicone design, perfect for those with minimal breast tissue. Its flat back and tapered edges ensure a smooth transition to the skin, while the triangular shape and subtle nipple design provide a balanced, realistic bust silhouette.
  • JODEE Sincerely Asymmetrical Silicone Breast Form

  • Asymmetrical. This option features a winged design to fit either the left or right side, providing a custom fit for unilateral mastectomies.
    The JODEE Sincerely Asymmetrical Silicone Breast Form is ideal if you have undergone radical unilateral surgery with substantial tissue removed under the arm. It’s available for the right or left side, offering a natural appearance and movement. This 100% silicone, skin-like form adjusts to your body temperature and has a hollow back to accommodate different surgeries.
  • Anita Active Swim Form

  • Swim Forms. Designed to be water-resistant, chlorine-tolerant, and UV ray-resistant, these prostheses are ideal for swimming and various water-related activities.
    The Anita Active Swim Form is the perfect accessory for the pool, lake, or beach, designed with a ribbed structure for quick water drainage and preventing the forms from shifting upward due to buoyancy. Made entirely from silicone, it’s durable and designed to withstand frequent use, ensuring you can enjoy your activities with confidence and comfort.
  • Amoena Balance Natura Special Ellipse Silicone Shaper

  • Partial Forms: Designed for use after lumpectomies or when only a part of the breast tissue has been removed. They help fill out the breast and provide a smooth outline.
    The Amoena Balance Natura Special Ellipse Silicone Shaper, a versatile bra insert, offers a discreet solution to achieve a flawless silhouette. Perfect for addressing asymmetry or post-surgery changes, it’s especially effective at the bottom of the bra cup. This shaper, featuring Comfort+ technology, also regulates your body temperature for added comfort.

Custom-made Breast Prosthesis

A custom-made breast prosthesis is a personalized insert designed to match your body’s unique contours and color. It’s for those who want a fit that's truly their own, especially after breast surgery when off-the-shelf options just don’t feel right.

Opting for a custom prosthesis means enjoying benefits like a perfect match for your remaining breast in size, shape, and color, providing a natural look and feel. A customized prosthesis doesn’t shift around and feels more like a part of you. They can be designed to accommodate any unique surgical outcomes, scars, or skin sensitivities.

The ABC Custom Breast Prosthesis

The ABC Custom Breast Prosthesis offers a tailored fit that mirrors your body shape, providing an unmatched level of comfort and a natural appearance after breast surgery. It’s an individualized solution that lets you feel like yourself again.

Getting an ABC Custom Prosthesis starts with a one-on-one consultation where a certified fitter will discuss your lifestyle, needs, and aesthetic goals. If applicable, the fitter will take detailed measurements of your chest wall and remaining breast, ensuring the prosthesis will align perfectly with your body.

Advanced 3D scanning technology captures your specific anatomy, creating a digital blueprint from which your prosthesis will be shaped. This technology ensures that every curve and contour is replicated for a seamless fit. The blueprint is used to hand-make your prosthesis from high-quality, medical-grade silicone.

Lumpectomy and Reconstruction Forms

Lumpectomy and reconstruction forms are partial breast prostheses for women who’ve had breast-conserving surgeries or breast reconstruction. They help achieve symmetry when a portion of breast tissue is missing, or the shape has been altered through surgery. There are two main types:

Amoena Balance Natura Thin Delta Breast Form

  • Shells: These fit over the remaining breast tissue or a reconstructed breast, filling in any gaps to create a balanced look. They’re discreet and can be worn under any clothing, making them versatile for everyday wear.
    The Amoena Balance Natura Thin Delta Breast Form is a slim, triangle-shaped silicone shaper, ideal for after breast-conserving surgery. It features a Comfort+ temperature-equalizing layer for all-day coolness. Designed to cover the entire breast at only 1 cm thick, it blends seamlessly with your body, while the small channels on the back allow for a snug fit and anatomical alignment.
  • Anita Care Sequitex Trapez Partial Breast Form

  • Balanced Compensation Forms: Tailored for those with slight differences in breast size or shape after surgery, these forms subtly enhance the breast contour to ensure a smooth, even look under clothes.
    The Anita Care Sequitex Trapez Partial Breast Form, with its crescent shape and delicate edges, offers a simple way to smooth out your silhouette. Its breathable microfiber backing and adjustable volume with medical fleece are designed to make subtle upper breast corrections. This customizable form can also be tailored by adding or removing fleece, providing a one-size-fits-most versatility that adapts to your body shape.

Attachable Breast Prosthesis

An attachable breast prosthesis is an artificial breast that adheres directly to the skin, providing an alternative to traditional pocketed bras or adhesives. These prostheses are designed with a self-adhesive backing that securely attaches to the chest wall, offering a reliable and often more natural feeling of integration with the body.

This option eliminates the need for special bras, allowing for a wider range of clothing choices and the confidence that it will stay in place during various activities. However, while convenient, the adhesive may irritate sensitive skin, especially after surgery, and the prosthesis requires regular cleaning to keep the adhesive effective.

ABC Massage Silicone Attachable Shaper

The ABC Massage Silicone Attachable Shaper offers full coverage and cooling comfort. Its curvilinear, wide triangle shape and patented massage back design with special channels boost airflow, keeping you cooler. The renewable adhesive ensures it stays put, while the keyhole feature minimizes nipple irritation.

Caring for Your Breast Prosthesis

Caring for your breast prosthesis is key to maintaining its look, feel, and longevity. Proper cleaning and maintenance ensure that it continues to provide the comfort and confidence you need.

Use mild soap and lukewarm water to cleanse the prosthesis gently. Avoid harsh chemicals or cleaners that can break down the materials. After washing, pat it dry with a soft towel – never wring it out, as this can cause damage.

Maintenance involves regular inspections for signs of wear and tear. If your prosthesis has an adhesive back, check for any residue buildup and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for care and renewal of the adhesive.

Replacing your breast prosthesis every two years is recommended, but this can vary based on daily wear and care. You should also consider replacing it if you experience significant changes in your body weight or shape or if the prosthesis shows signs of deterioration, such as rips or persistent odor, despite cleaning.

Remember, a well-cared-for breast prosthesis is vital to your post-surgery recovery and everyday comfort.

Regain Your Confidence With the Perfect Breast Prosthesis

Finding a suitable breast prosthesis is a crucial step in feeling like yourself again after surgery. Keeping it clean and knowing when it’s time for a new one means you’re always comfortable and confident.

Browse the different types of breast prostheses available at Mastectomyshop.com and find one that fits your body and your lifestyle.