Post-Surgery Mastectomy Recovery Bras and Breast Forms

It takes some time to recover from a mastectomy, and it is important that your give your body the time that it needs to heal and recover. During this healing time, you can begin preparing for your normal daily activities by looking for mastectomy recovery wear that has been designed for women who are looking for a way to obtain a natural profile without breast implants.

How a Mastectomy Bra Works

There are different types of mastectomy bras to choose from, and our goal is to offer you a variety of products to meet your needs. The most common type of bra has pockets in the front of the bra, which will hold the forms safely into place. So you will purchase the a bra that is a good fit for your chest and ribcage size, and then also find forms that are shaped and sized in a way that will allow you to achieve a natural look.

Many of these bras include an underwire to support the forms that you are wearing, as well as to support the tissue that remains in your chest. For example, some women experience an asymmetrical mastectomy which means that they only need a form on one side of their chest. The bra can support the natural breast on one side and the form on the other side.

Choosing the Perfect Mastectomy Bra

Because there are so many options available, there isn't a one-size-fits-all bra. We have a team of experienced fitters who can help you to find the perfect size and shape for your body. We encourage you to try different brands in order to identify the one that you like the most. Some of the brands that we offer include popular names such as: Airway mastectomy bras, LuisaLuisa Bras, Jodee mastectomy bras, and more.

Look through the items here on our website to find the perfect match for your specific needs, or contact us today and we will help you find the perfect bra for ‘you’!