Mastectomy Swimwear and Other Clothing for Everyday Wear

Mastectomy Swimwear and Camisoles

Having a mastectomy impacts many areas of your life, and one of the biggest concerns for a woman is how she will find clothing that looks good and feels comfortable. Some women who have experienced a mastectomy don't feel comfortable swimming or participating in other activities because they don't know what kind of clothing to wear and that’s what we want to help with. Here at, our goal is to provide you with stylish clothing that looks great and feels great at the same time. Some of our popular clothing items include:

Mastectomy Swimsuits

Mastectomy bathing suits are designed to help you be discreet about your scars and they are shaped in specific ways to help you maintain a natural, womanly figure. A mastectomy swimsuit is different than wearing a regular swimsuit with a breast form, because a normal swimsuit might not have the right amount of support in order to hold the breast forms in place while you are swimming. Don't risk the embarrassment of having your forms slip out of place because this embarrassing situation can be easily avoided by using mastectomy swimwear.

These swimsuits have pockets to hold the breast forms in place, and they are also higher in the neckline and armholes to cover up the fact that you are wearing breast forms. Wearing the right swimsuit allows you to have a natural figure, and some of the swimwear offers a tummy control panel to shape your belly and waist as well.

 Mastectomy Outdoor Wear

If you aren't swimming, then you might find yourself enjoying another outdoor activity that requires special types of clothing. It can be uncomfortable to wear a regular tank top with your breast forms because the tank top might not have the right amount of coverage. We offer mastectomy tank tops as well as mastectomy camisoles so that you can have the warm weather clothing without worrying about how you look.

If you are looking for a specific type of mastectomy clothing, then we invite you to browse through the pages of our website or contact us for additional assistance. Our staff members can help you to be fitted with the right types of breast forms and clothing options that are available, helping you to feel your best when you are enjoying outdoor activities.