How to Measure for a Mastectomy Bra

Feb 6th, 2018

Ensuring a perfect fit for your mastectomy bra is essential for your comfort and for your confidence in your appearance post-surgery. Choosing the right bra is fairly simple, but it's important that the fit is correct.

Work with a professional fitter who knows how to measure for a mastectomy bra to help ensure the best fit. Your bra size will essentially be the same as it was before surgery. Choosing a prosthesis that is roughly the same size as your natural breasts will prevent neck and back pain. Your body is accustomed to a carrying a particular amount of breast weight. Keeping this weight the same will keep your body balanced and prevent pain.

Just like with a regular bra, you'll measure around your body underneath your breasts to determine band size, and then across the nipple line to determine cup size. After surgery, doing your own measurements can be painful. Your bra fitter knows how to measure for a mastectomy bra in a way that keeps you comfortable during the process.

Choose a mastectomy bra that is soft and comfortable for your first bras post-surgery. You will still be healing and will have some soreness, so it's important to have a bra that minimizes discomfort. You can choose more fashionable bras after healing.

Also, ask your bra fitter to help you to place the prosthetic in the bra cup and show you how to maintain its position. Once the prosthetic is secure, you needn't worry about it moving around. However, you will need to know how to remove it and replace it, so that you can launder your bras.

Talk with Mastectomy today to help choose your post-surgery bras. They offer a wide range of styles plus all the expertise you need to ensure a perfect fit.