Compression Sleeve for Lymphedema - Features and Benefits

Jan 29th, 2018

Lymphedema is a particular side effect that occurs with certain breast cancer treatments. It is a condition that produces excessive swelling in the arms. This is due to the fact that the lymphatic system experiences blockage resulting in fluid developing in soft tissues and thus producing the swelling. However, by applying a compression sleeve for lymphedema, a product which we offer at, these areas of swelling can be reduced.

Compression Treatment

Compression is often prescribed for conditions that involve edema or swelling. It is vital that compression garments be placed on the affected areas in a proper manner. This should be done at regular intervals in order to achieve optimum results. A compression sleeve applicable for lymphedema treatment may be applied with moderate or high compression. However, some patients may not be comfortable with high compression - and these types of high compression garments are not always easy to remove without assistance.

Certain types of compression sleeves, however, require little if any assistance to fit or remove. A compression sleeve for lymphedema such as the Medi compression sleeve will not subject you to an inordinate amount of compression. You can wear this type of sleeve for an extended period of time without the discomfort associated with a high compression fit.

Compression Sleeves for Arms

Compression sleeves often consist of flexible fabric that fits over the shoulder, covers the arms and also reaches down to the wrist. You can purchase these compression sleeves in various sizes and lengths. They can also often be rolled up in the same way you would roll up a sleeve on a shirt.

At, we offer the type of compression sleeve for lymphedema that can assist individuals diagnosed with lymphedema or have issues with swelling in their extremities as a result of lymph node removal or damage.

Easy to Wear and Durable

Due to their lightweight yet durable construction, the Medi compression sleeve is designed to last for many cycles of use. These sleeves can be used consistently for lymphedema management.

Always consult with your doctor before proceeding with a treatment regimen involving the use of compression sleeves for lymphedema.