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The Bellisse Bra is an innovative approach to chest wall and breast edema following breast or chest surgery. Don't confuse this revolutionary "compression garment" with a mastectomy bra. This is a medical compression garment that facilitates drainage of excess lymphatic fluid in the chest and breast area following breast cancer, and other chest or truncal surgeries. It addresses the specific needs of women with lymphedema, post-surgical comfort and post-radiation edema and/or fibrosis as it provides the following features:


Product Features

  • Gentle compression all around the torso, while directing lymphatic load to an alternate functional pathway simplifies the use of specialty pads to address specific areas of breast and chest wall fibrosis
  • Ready-to-wear and available in a large range of sizes with unprecedented adjustability with both a front zipper for easy donning and a variable position back closure
  • Attractive shape that can be worn comfortably day and night, soft to the skin, smooth while sleeping and unobtrusive under clothing
  • Adjustable, comfortable and easy-to-wear; the perfect solution and fit for sustainable and effective therapy
  • Made of Polyester/Nylon/Spandex


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