ABC 515 Soft Shape T-Shirt Mastectomy Bra

American Breast Care

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Enjoy the sleek look and feel of the Soft Shape T-Shirt Bra, by ABC! Our Soft Shape T-Shirt Bra is designed with a thin layer of foam to smooth and enhance, providing a flattering silhouette. ABC’s Power Mesh fabric provides additional support and padded straps give optimal comfort making this the perfect everyday bra!

34 – 44 AA
34 – 44 A
34 – 44 B
34 – 40 C
36 – 40 D
38 – 40 E

 white  beige  black

Constructed with a thin layer of foam for a smooth, enhanced silhouette and microfiber fabric for a sleek design and cooling comfort. Side panels are lined with Power Mesh fabric for additional underarm support. Added lycra provides a stretch-perfect fit. Straps are padded for added comfort.


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