ABC 11242 Lightweight Triangle Silicone Breast Shaper

American Breast Care

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-full coverage
-standard triangle footprint
-about 30% lighter than standard
-smooth transition
-full triangle shell
-smooth back
-adds 1 cup size
- 3 on the shaper thickness scale
Features and Benefits:
 Made with ABC’s lightweight silicone, this prosthesis aids in managing shoulder tension and strain for comfortable wear.
  • Our triangle design fits securely into contemporary bra styles for a seamless silhouette.
  • The thickness of the lightweight silicone is uniform through the body of the shaper to add fullness across the entire cup.
  • Full coverage design adds overall fullness to restore balance and symmetry.                                                                                                                        
  • Symmetric design can be worn on either your left or right side.
 Each shaper comes in a discreet ABC travel/storage case. For optimal product longevity, we recommend storing your shaper in this case.
  • This product is covered by a 24-month warranty for manufacturing defects (check warranty card)

Lightweight Triangle Shaper
Style: 11242


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