ABC 10266 MyShape RFS with Amandasil Technology Silicone Breast Prosthesis

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*Amandasil back layer
*Amandasil contours to chest wall for a close fit
*minimizes shifting
*lightweight ABC Silicone
*anatomically curved back
*full fit
*about 30% lighter than standard
Features and Benefits:
  • ABC’s NEW Amandasil™ silicone back molds to the surgical topography of your chest wall offering the most personalized fit available in an off-the-shelf breast form.
  • Our unique shape balances youthful fullness with feminine curves to create a perfect silhouette in today’s bra styles.
  • Crafted with lightweight silicone, this prosthesis minimizes tension on shoulders for easy, comfortable wear.
  • RFS design sits flush with the outline of your bra cup to keep curves centered at your front.
  • Specialized back reduces shifting for secure wear.
  • Symmetric design can be worn on either your left or right side
  • This breast prosthesis comes in a discreet ABC travel/storage case. For optimal product longevity, we recommend storing your prosthesis in this case.
  • This product is covered by a 24-month warranty for manufacturing defects (check warranty card)


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