STILL YOU Illusions Breast Form

Still You

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  • Molds to the chest wall or to the Still You top for beautiful shape and comfort
  • Excellent swim breast forms with inner waterproof liner
  • Perfect for use during tissue expansion
  • Packaged with one empty curved cup for a unilateral mastectomy patient
  • Physician approved for use immediately after surgery
  • Unique Lightweight creme filled breast prosthesis

The Still You™ breast replacement is the newest concept in prosthetic breast forms design. It is lightweight, realistic, molds to the chest wall and stays in place. It has a waterproof inner liner making it ideal for swimming and active wear. Still You’s Tri-Form Illusion is also available, specifically designed for women needing more coverage at the top of the breast providing additional fullness in each size. The Illusion is physician approved for immediate use after surgery and is made to wear with Still You designed garments.

The Empty Curved Cup is provided with every Illusion purchase to be worn over the natural breast for unilateral mastectomy patients. This provides a continuity of look and feel. The Illusion is physician approved, and is made to wear with the Still You Tank Tops, and Still You Loungewear.

The Still You Empty Curved Cup is the perfect enhancement for any Woman. It can be worn over the natural breast for smoothing and nipple coverage. Many of our customers feel that the Empty Curved Cup should be worn with all bras to even out the natural breast. The Empty Curved Cup is also the ideal accompaniment for tissue expansion.

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