Silicone Breast Forms

Silicone breast forms make looking good in your favorite outfit possible even after a mastectomy. Designed to mimic the shape and appearance of your breast under clothing, prosthesis such as those made by American Breast Care (ABC), help give you back your confidence and make you feel beautiful again.


Silicone Breast Forms for Everyday Use

Silicone breast forms come in many styles. Most typically weigh roughly the same as a normal breast.

The Anita 1020X is a good example of a breast form designed for use with a bra. It is 35% lighter than other similar breast forms to help prevent weight issues that might affect your back.

Other styles, such as the ABC MyForm prosthesis, use even lighter construction with fiber fill to reduce weight further if pressure on the chest and shoulders is a concern for you.

Most silicone breast forms are also typically very soft. This softness allows them to adapt to the shape of your body for better comfort. Some, such as the JODEE Style 22 and Style 72 forms, even have patterned backs to reduce scar tissue irritation. The front of the cup has a natural breast shape, which moves with the body and naturally adjusts shape as you change position.

silicone breast

Silicone Breast Forms for Active Wear

Other silicone breast forms offer better adhesion to your skin in water or during physical activity. The ABC Diamond Silicone Prosthesis, for example, uses a diamond-shaped surface to minimize sweating. It also has a larger footprint that gives it better grip to avoid shifting.

The Trulife Tropez Swim Forms stay in place even when wet, so you can use them in your swimsuit without worrying about shifting. This breast form uses a firmer silicone material to help maintain balance even while underwater.