Mastectomy Swim Breast Forms for Sale Online


Getting back out in the water is one of the challenges that mastectomy patients face after surgery. For women who have chosen not to have reconstructive surgery, this challenge can feel even greater.

At, we offer an extensive range of mastectomy swim breast forms to give you a natural silhouette in your swimsuit and help you to feel confident and comfortable while in the water.

Water resistant material and design


Although foam or other breast forms are perfect for daily wear, mastectomy swim breast forms are specifically designed to maximize your comfort in the water.

Mastectomy swim breast forms are constructed from lightweight silicone that dries quickly and is entirely waterproof.

Many models, such as the Anita Silicone Swim Form, feature a ribbed design that allows water to run off easily. The ribbing also provides space for air circulation to allow your skin to breathe.

Other swim forms feature a hollow back. This reduces suction in the water and makes the forms more lightweight, so your silhouette remains even, wet or dry.


Mastectomy swim breast forms are resistant to wear and tear from exposure to salt water, chlorine, and even high temperatures. They are even suitable for use in thermal baths and hot tubs.


Mastectomy breast swim forms come in a range of shapes and styles to suit your needs. They also come in an extensive variety of sizes to suit women of every body type.

If you need slight enhancements to provide balance to your shape, we carry a range of partial shapers and asymmetrical swim forms.

For full coverage, we have a selection of mastectomy breast swim forms in a variety of shapes, including oval, triangular, and heart shape that can be worn on either side of the body. They can also be easily rotated to achieve a better fit.

You have almost endless choices of post-mastectomy lines of breast forms, bras, clothing, and accessories at, contact us today.