Breast Cancer Bras

Fighting breast cancer and experiencing a mastectomy bring many changes to an affected woman’s life, but it does not mean that everything must change. No matter where you are in your recovery process, has a wide variety of breast cancer bras that can help you with your transition post-surgery.

What Exactly Are Breast Cancer Bras?


Breast cancer bras are specially designed bras for those who opt for and undergo a mastectomy. Depending on where you are at in your post-surgery process, you can choose a bra that fits your physical needs, ensuring full comfort.

Paying More Attention in the First Year

The type of breast cancer bras you are comfortable wearing may change during the first year following your surgery. After breast cancer surgery, you can suffer soreness in your chest as well as your underarm areas, itchiness, and sensitivity around the site of the incision(s). It can take up to a year for full recovery from breast cancer surgery, and it is not uncommon for your chest area to be tender and sensitive. Some women even report tingling sensations and itchiness. During this time of healing, it is important you wear a bra that is comfortable and breathable such as a 100% cotton bra because the fabric is kind to your post-surgery skin. offers a wide selection of underwire-free breast cancer bras that come with supportive underbands, super soft seams, and adjustable straps. Some bras are designed with a front closure for additional comfort in the first few weeks after surgery.

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Surgery Should Not Limit Your Choices

Surgery should not limit your choices in selecting the bras you like. That is why we offer a wide selection of breast cancer bras. Our collection includes cotton bras, lace bras, seamless bras, sports bras, posture-support bras, fashion bras, bandeau bras and so much more. Some popular brands we carry include Amoena, Anita, Classique, Jodee, LouisaLouisa, Nearly Me, and Trulife.

You have almost endless choices of post-mastectomy lines of breast forms, bras, clothing, and accessories at