ANITA Medical Garments Compression bra

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  • 85% Cotton, 15% Elastane
  • Seamless molded cups are made of a double layer of stretch cotton. A side breast support exerts a controlled compression on the side underbust area.
  • The straps are provided with an optional adjustment Velcro type fastening (1). Practical zip (2) with underlying hook fastening. Wide stretch bottom band with cotton in contact with skin (3).
  • Inmobilises and stabilises the newly operated breast during the healing phase. Secures dressings.
  • Highly air permeable (85% cotton). No pressure when the patient lies down due to optionally adjustable straps on the front of shoulder.
  • Material Contents: 85% Cotton, 15% Spandex.

Application: After breast reduction and reconstruction operations. Caution: Before washing close all Velcro type fastenings.

The Anita Care Surgical Compression Bra provides top quality support after breast surgery. 

If your doctor recommends a compression bra, the Anita 1095 bra is the absolute best choice. This medical-grade compression bra is made of double-lined stretch cotton that is soft and breathable. Breast supports at the sides of the cups provide side compression. The wide stretch band helps keep the breasts in place during the healing process, and has a 100% cotton backing for sensitive skin. The Anita Care Surgical Compression bra is easy to close and stays shut, with hidden hooks and eyes to align the bra underneath an easy zipper closure. The Anita 1095 bra has great features that will help you customize the bra to your body shape and the amount of compression that you need. The shoulders have large velcro adjustments which won't shift during the day. The included optional post-op belt is adjustable by velcro at the front and at the back for a tighter fit. 

Proper post-surgical care is essential for healing. Trust the Anita Care Surgical Compression bra to support you.


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