Anita 1052XV Valance Vario Adhesive (Contact) Silicone Breast Form

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Anita Care 1052XV Valance Vario Adhesive (Contact) Silicone Breast Form system banishes all the insecurities one may feel about wearing a breast form (no slipping or folding up) and can be worn either directly on the skin or inside an Anita care special bra. The horseshoe-shaped adhesive panel and adhesive pads ensure an optimal skin milieu and natural movement. They are easy to clean with liquid soap and warm water and are skin-friendly thanks to the double-sided silicone gel coating. The symmetrical triangle shape can be used on both sides. Adhesive breast form can be worn directly next to the body using the adhesive strips/pads. Ideal for ladies with lymphedema or a tendency to perspire. This lightweight breast forms is up to 35% lighter than full breast forms made of regular silicone gel. Additional adhesive pads can be order under Anita 1032X

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