Sockit Pocket

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Easing the strain of the drain!

Sockit Pockets are temporary pockets that provide a discreet and secure way to hold postoperative drains in the comfort of your own clothes. 

Each pocket provides:

  • unique closures stabilizing drains to prevent painful tugging.

  • a fully functional, double sided pocket which holds up to two drains.

  • the convenience of never having to use safety pins or uncomfortable postoperative garments.

  • the comfort of wearing your own clothing during recovery. 

Finally, THE ANSWER to all of your postoperative drain needs including mastectomy, hysterectomy, reconstructive surgery procedures, and more. 

Each Sockit Pocket...

  • has a secure closure to prevent painful tugging.

  • is made locally and measure approximately 6" X 8".

  • is sewn using a soft cotton fabric with your comfort in mind.

  • adheres to your own clothing with a strong double-sided adhesive tape.

  • is easily removed when no longer needed.

*Pattern & colors of fabrics will vary

 Sockit Pocket may be worn in sweaters, shirts, pajamas, or jackets for your comfort and convenience.


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